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2019 Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bats Launch.


2019 Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bats Launch.

2019 Gray-Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bat.

Shaped and contoured for quick hand speed, but with a sustained mid-swell that delivers explosive power.

The Supernova allows the craftsman of the game to go to work without compromising the power.

Weather hitting the boundry or surgically dissecting the field, you can head to the middle confident that the 'infraRed' is a force to be reckoned with in the area of the modern game.

The long sweeping spine of the bat is visually enhanced by a single sticker that flows down the middle of the toe, thus promoting the elegant shape of the blade.

Coloured with a combination of silver, black and Gray-Nicolls signature red, the batsman's eye is inexorably lead down the spine of a bat and across the decals which encapsulates the spirit of the game's most evocative brand.


2019 Gray-Nicolls Shockwave Cricket Bat.

With a pronounced high-middle, full profile and intimidating edges, the Shockwave is a bat that will allow the game's most destructive players to both stand and deliver.

Jagged graphics frame the blade's imposing swell, and highlight the potential force that dwells within.

When unleashed, the story of this violent release of energy is told in the stickers themselves, with a fractured pattern radiating out from the epicentre of the sweet-spot in tones of blue that cut through the design with a cold and unforgiving fury.


2019 Gray-Nicolls Powerbow 6x Cricket Bat.

A full Profiled bat with a dramatic mid-to-low swell and feathered toe, combined with its predecessor's synonymous long and exaggerated bow, the Powerbow 6X has a powerful blade with a beguiling light pick-up.

Armed with an unfailing ability to clear the field, enabling the games classic player to step into the modern game with confidence to match the gear.

Styled to evoke the flowing lines and timeless aesthetic of the original, the latest iteration of this iconic bat has placed it as the link between the Gray-Nicolls Test and Classic ranges.

Minimal white and chrome stickers run down the spine and flare toward the toe, showcasing the exaggerated blade contouring.

A contemporary trim color of Volt Green lends depth to the palette, and a punch which suggests the lofted power of the bat.


2017 GRAY-NICOLLS Equipment Range.

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2017 GM Equipment Range

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Gray-Nicolls Bat Range 2016

First Look at the 2016 Gray-Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bat.Designed to take the batting to a new dimension.New Gray-Nicolls branding, an unprecedented edge profile and sculpted low blade hitting zone will make supernova the talk of any dressing room.Power, Style and absolute quality is in abundance from the game's Best bat makers. Supernova, the next generation [...]

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2016 Kookaburra Cricket Bat Range

First Look at the 2016 Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat.KAHUNA: Iconic - the classic Kookaburra shape developed initially in consultation with Ricky Ponting and fine-tuned to meet the demands of the 2016 game by Ian Bell.First Look at the 2016 Kookaburra ONYX Cricket Bat.ONYX: Aggressive – a new profile featuring ‘weight redistribution technology’ to minimise weight [...]

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GM Cricket Bat Range 2016

GM Cricket Bat Range 2016

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